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Supercharge your ROS Console Experience

Here I provide a number of pro-tips for effectively using ROS via the command line… One of the default settings in ROS is in my opinion silly – the data output on the command line. By default you get messages … Continue reading


How to use ROS without a Catkin workspace

To use ROS inside a GUI so that you don’t need to source the setup.bash: SET(CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH “${CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH} /home/robot/YOUR_CATKIN_WORKSPACE/install”) Then add: find_package( roscpp ) ${roscpp_INCLUDE_DIRS} ${roscpp_LIBRARIES}

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ROS Packages I Maintain

I spend a lot much time contributing to the open source project ROS (Robotic Operating System). I’m really proud of my work and am grateful for the many others who also put in their time and effort into making this … Continue reading

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Dave’s Super Burritos

Sweet Potato, Paleo-Friendly Food For Busy People I make good burritos. They aren’t your regular burritos, and are the result of many iterations of development (I’ve probably made 250 burritos at this point) and research. The exact recipe is still … Continue reading

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Install Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit on a Lenovo W540

The following are very loose notes on how to install Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit on a Lenovo W540. It was tricky because of EFI and SecureBoot with Windows 8. Warning: I did not spend much time elaborating but rather I’m … Continue reading