Dave’s Super Burritos

Sweet Potato, Paleo-Friendly Food For Busy People

Bags on Homemade Frozen Burritoes

Bags on Homemade Frozen Burritoes

I make good burritos. They aren’t your regular burritos, and are the result of many iterations of development (I’ve probably made 250 burritos at this point) and research. The exact recipe is still a work in progress and subject to change. I’ve made this page because I’ve had friends ask me for my recipe, and I think its a fun little hobby. I eat these almost everyday because they are quick, very healthy, and tasty. My design objectives:

  • Nutritious – lots of veggies and high-protein ingredients. Very low on carbs i.e. no beans, rice, or potatoes. The tortilla is the only carb exception
  • Mostly Paleo – high in protein low in sugars
  • Low cost – I try to avoid over-hyped food crazes, organic foods, and pre-made ingredients
  • Filling – these bad-ass burritos are much larger than any standard freezer-isle frozen burritos
  • Quick serving – because I make them in large-batch quantities and freeze them, I can greatly reduce the amount of cooking and cleanup time.
  • Quick preparation – I don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen, though this generally takes 2 hours



Prep time: 2 hours

Note: these steps are out of date: * Stir fry with coconut oil: onion, peppers, mushrooms (add toward end) until browned * Boil in water sweet potatoes and carrots until soft * Thaw chicken then cook separately in pan until white on inside * Scramble eggs separately in pan * Combine all ingredients into one huge pot and simmer for about 20 minutes, allowing as much liquid to steam off * Let burrito filling cool for 20 minutes in order to congeal. Place pot in sink with cold water / ice around it to allow to cool faster. * Use a large cooking spoon to ladle burritos into tortillas * Wrap each burritto tightly then wrap again in plastic wrap * Place on cookie sheet and once sheet has full single layer put in freezer to allow to freeze quicker * After frozen (a couple hours) move to zip lock bags to prevent freezer burn


Serving time: 5 minutes

  • Remove from plastic wrap and thaw 1 minute each side
  • Place in toaster oven on toast setting for 3 minutes or until browned on the outside


Add one big scoop of filling onto a tortilla

]1 Add one big scoop of filling onto a tortilla

Fold both sides before starting the roll up wrap

]2 Fold both sides before starting the roll up wrap

Final wrap

]3 Final wrap

Place on cookie tray for quick freezing in freezer

]4 Place on cookie tray for quick freezing in freezer

Future Directions

  • use better spices
  • Healthier replacement for tortillas. Coconut meal? Ham? Lettuce?
  • Healthier cheese
  • Better ingredients per the Bullet Proof Diet
  • Weight burritos
  • Compare to store-bought version
  • cost per ounce
  • Try using Cumin powder?
  • Wrap in paper towels so its microwave-ready as more env-friendly
  • Record cooking time
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  • Verballistics

    Full win! :) You may want to mention the need to label the burritos, to avoid accidental consumption by unauthorized parties…